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doubletree n : a crossbar on a wagon or carriage to which two whiffletrees are attached in order to harness two horses abreast

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Doubletree is an international chain of full-service hotels and resorts trademarked by the Hilton Hotels Corporation. There are currently 160 properties, servicing 42,168 rooms throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, and since April 2008, the United Kingdom. Most Doubletree hotels are independently owned and operated by franchisees, however, some are owned and/or managed by the Hilton Hotels Corporation.


thumb|right|A DoubleTree Guest Suites located in [[Uptown Houston.]] Doubletree's brands include Doubletree Hotels, Doubletree Guest Suites, Doubletree Resorts, and Doubletree Club Hotels.


The Doubletree Cookie

Doubletree Hotels, Suites, Resorts and Clubs present a chocolate chip cookie to each guest at check-in. Synonymous with Doubletree hospitality, the cookie has been used to differentiate the Doubletree hotel brand from its competition.
Doubletree gives out approximately 29,000 chocolate chip cookies each day, and a total of over 125,000,000. Each cookie weighs a 2½ ounces and has an average of 20 chocolate chips. The cookies are currently manufactured by The Christie Cookie company. In June 2002, Doubletree gave its 100,000,000th cookie.


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